Boston & Maine Railroad

Suncook Loop & Suncook Valley Branch

Sidings Changes

The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society has posted scans of records of sidings changes over time to their Online Archives .  Arranged by Valuation Section, these documents were maintained in order to keep detailed records when the railroad added or removed any side tracks, whether railroad or privately owned.  Totals were needed for reporting to various agencies, and could be found in publications such as the annual ICC Blue Book, etc.

I extracted the relevant Valuation Sections for the B&M's Suncook Loop (Val Sec 23.1) running from the NH Division mainline (Val Sec 21) at Hooksett via Suncook to Bow Jct., and the Suncook Valley Branch (Val Sec 29 and 23.6 until the shortline's independence in 1924,) as well as the Concord & Manchester Electric (Val Sec 25) as it is in close proximity to the steam lines in several areas.  This small subset of the records represent my primary area of interest, and are tabulated below.  What these records allow researchers to do is, by starting at the detailed Valuation Survey maps and documents produced ca. 1914, one can work forwards or backwards through time in order to determine very precise track arrangements at any time for which records exist.

DateLocationDescriptionLaidRemoved Net ChangeOwnershipVal Sec-Page
Dec 1897Ctr. BarnsteadPass. Car Trk.186 R.R.23.6-1
Feb 1898Bow Jct.Fellows Siding94 +94B&M23.1-1
June 1898Pittsfield?79 -79B&M.29-1
Aug 1898SuncookCoal Trk.760-654 +106Billed to China Mills23.1-1
Oct 1898Short FallsJ.G.Fellows Track255 -255Not given29-1
Aug 1899Between Suncook + Bow Jct.Frank Whitehouse450 -450B&M23.1-1
July 1900SuncookSiding370 +370E.Baker + Co.23.1-1
Aug 1901Bow Jct.C.E.Br.876 +876C.E.Br C&MRR(x'ed out: See V.S. 2523.1-1
Aug 1901Bow Jct.Gravel Pit Trk.3331 -3331B&M23.1-1
Aug 1901Bow Jct.C.E. Branch876 +876Concord Electric Br. C.&M.R.R.25-1
Sept 19011½ miles East of SuncookSiding481 +481Concord Electric Br. C.&M.R.R.25-1
Oct 1901SuncookConc. & Nash. Elec. Conn.70 +70Concord Electric Br. C.&M.R.R.25-1
Nov 1901SuncookC.E.Br. C.& M.Conn.70 -70Concord Electric Br. C.&M.R.R.25-1
Nov 1901SuncookC.E.Br. C.& M.R.R.481 -481Concord Electric Br. C.&M.R.R.25-1
Apr 1902SuncookSimpson's Trk996 -996B&M23.1-1
May 1902HooksettParker's Trk.233 +233Walter M. Parker23.1-1
Dec 1902SuncookConnection C.A.Bailey97 +97C.A.Bailey29-1
Apr 1903SuncookExtension C.A.Bailey147 +147C.A.Bailey29-1
May 1903SuncookExtension C.A.Bailey24 +24C.A.Bailey29-1
May 1903PittsfieldHiram A. Tuttle244 +244Hiram A. Tuttle29-1
June 1903Garvins Falls (Bow)H.C.&R Trk1118 +1118Holbrook Cabot & Rollins23.1-1
July 1903SuncookGravel Pit309 +309Not given23.1-2
Aug 1903SuncookGravel Pit Trk. Ext.311 +311B&M23.1-2
Sept 1903PittsfieldExt. Siding24 +24R.R.29-1
June 1904AllenstownGravel Pit Trk.1020 -1020B.& M.28-3
Oct 1904Garvins Falls (Bow)H.C.&R Trk1118 -1118Holbrook Cabot & Rollins23.1-1
Nov 1904ConcordC.E.Br. #1118 +118B&M25-1
Nov 1904ConcordC.E.Br. #2133 +133B&M25-1
Nov 1904ConcordC.E.Br. #3138 +138B&M25-1
Nov 1904ConcordC.E.Br. Martins Pit Trk.365 -365B&M25-1
July 1905SuncookJ.Derosie544 -544R.R.29-1
July 1905PittsfieldH.A. Tuttle244 -244(H.A. Tuttle)29-1
Dec 1905Bow Jct.Gravel Pit807 -807B&M23.1-2
Jan 1906Bow PitXover360 -360B&M (taken up Dec)23.1-2
May 1906SuncookWarren Sargent723 -723B&M23.1-2
June 1906Contoocook Park#1 Track129 -129R.R.25-2
Aug 1906ConcordHospital250 -250R.R.25-2
Nov 1906HooksettGile Track175 -175R.R.21-15
Nov 1907Concord#7 Track10 +10R.R.25-2
Nov 1907W. ConcordCinder Track230 -230R.R.25-2
July 1908SuncookSimpson Miller Co.496 -49623.1-2
June 1909SuncookGeo. Simpson496 -49623.1-2
June 1909HooksettHooksett Siding24 -2425-2
June 1909BowBow Siding4 -425-2
June 1909ConcordBall Ground Trk. Rumford Field747 -74725-2
July 1911PenacookMain Trk129 -12925-2
Aug 1911PittsfieldFerdinand French Ext.30 +30#229-2
Sept 1911ConcordClinton St. C.& M. Elec. Br.3537 -353725-2
Sept 1911ConcordClinton St. C.& M. Elec. Br.312 -312Removed Several years ago. Not reported25-2
Nov 1912Bow Jct.Transfer Trk.628 +628Approx. 967 #123.1-2
Nov 1912HooksettPittsfield Br. Spur67 -67#6721-37
Sept 1914PittsfieldWelch-Folsom Lbr. Co.417½ +417½Sketch shows Trk. lengthened 561' Total 802' #129-2
Nov 1914HooksettEngine House Yd.1230 -1230#5521-43
Nov 1914HooksettEngine House Trk.60 -60#5521-43
Aug 1915HooksettE.S.Head Trk.380 383' #223.1-3
Sept 1915SuncookSuncook Mills Trk.920 #323.1-3
SuncookSuncook Mills Trk. Sk. as of 6/28/24 #723.1-3
Nov 1915PittsfieldGas Co. Try.32 #123.6-1
May 1919Ctr. Barnstead 225+72Milk Trk. Ext.244 R.R #223.6-1
Aug 1920Suncook 131+18F.M.Pettingill417 417' F.M.Pettingill #423.1-3
Dec 1920Chichester 710+42.1Baker Box Co.347 +347Baker Box Co.29-2
Sept 1921Hooksett 1346+25B&M Track288 Connection removed about 1913 #116 R.R.21-51
Sept 1921Hooksett, Off aboveW.M.Parker Track156 #117 R.R.21-51
April 1922Hooksett 24+70Gault Track707 R.R (Connections out in 1910) #523.1-3
April 1922Ctr. Barnstead 241+40Gravel Pit Trk.2120 R.R. #323.6-1
Aug 1923Pittsfield 915+30.8Leonard Packing Co.434 L.P.Co. #429-2
DateLocationDescriptionRR +RR - Private +Private -RemarksVal Sec-Page
Jan'y 1924Suncook 124+50Pembroke & Webster Mills Ext.70' Total 2124' pt. owned by industry #623.1-4
Jan'y 1924Suncook 125+29Xover191.5 This amount changing (more blurry) #623.1-4
Jan'y 1924Ctr. Barnstead 225+72H.P.Hood & Sons232 #423.6-2
1924Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
1924Val. Sec. 29No Change in trks-No Longer Operated by B.&M.RR. 29-3
Apr 1925Hooksett 1224+32Scales Track1102 #17321-59
July 1925Val. Sec. 23.6This entire branch was sold July 1925, operated now by Suncook Valley Railroad 23.6-2
1925Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1925Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
Dec 1926Hooksett 1263+06Passing Track Shortened781 New length 4677' AFE 5949 #20321-64
Dec 1926Hooksett 1322+27.7Xover193 AFE 5949 #20321-64
1926Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1926Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
1927Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1927Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
1928Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
Nov 1929HooksettFrt. Ho. Trk.182 #22521-68
1929Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1929Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
1930Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1930Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
Dec 1931HooksettM.L. Changes #23921-71
Dec 1931Pembroke NH 323+16Pem. Siding707 AFE12453 #823.1-4
DateLocationDescriptionRR +RR - Private +Private -RemarksVal Sec-Page
Dec 1931HooksettM.L. shortened o/c Br 9023 #24721-76
Dec 1931Hooksett 1326+22Xover189 #24721-76
Dec 1931Hooksett 1327+09Xover194 #24721-76
Dec 1931Hooksett 1283+05So Bd Passing4577 #24721-76
Dec 1931Hooksett 1294+09No Bd Passing3943 #24721-77
Dec 1931Val. Sec. 25Total Difference-0.38 Letter from Mr. Crawford-Track remeasured by Burroughs25-3
1932Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-4
1932Val. Sec. 25No Change 25-3
Sept 1933Hooksett 26+15Emerson Mfg Co. Ext. 1274#923.1-5
Sept 1933Hooksett 26+15Emerson Mfg Co. New Try 423#923.1-5
1933Val. Sec. 25All Track Removed 25-3
1934Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-5
1935HooksettTransfer from V23.1706 AFE 1612321-83
19350+25 to 18+99Reclass old Main Line1924 23.1-5
June 19361352+61.4-V21 Hooksett 1350+45.1-V21Freight Ho Track Ext.69 #1023.1-5
June 1936Hooksett 21+13.8Xover191 #1023.1-5
June 1936HooksettFormer M.L.1945 #1023.1-5
1936Val. Sec. 23.1Transfer to V21706 AFE 1612323.1-5
1937Val. Sec. 23.1No Change 23.1-6
Aug 9 1940Hooksett 1354+54.8New Crossover 1352+75.6180.7 #288 AFE 1852521-90
Aug 9 1940HooksettRem Crossover 1348+59188 #288 AFE 1852521-90
Oct 1941385+19 Bow Jct 386+47Merr. Farmers Exch.110 525#1123.1-6
Oct 1941Bow Jct.Merr. Farmers Exch.110 792#1123.1-6
Jan 1943Hooksett 19+87 to 96+68M.L. Track7681 ICC 1402623.1-6
Nov 1944ConcordM.L.249 AFE 21869 on V2123.1-6
Nov 1944ConcordReclass old M.L. to S.T.513 AFE 21869 on V2123.1-6
Nov 1950Hooksettmore... 21-129
Dec 1953Concord458+33.8 to 382+57 = 1.44 mi M.L. reclassified to yd. trks.7577 =187' to V21no report, Reclassified acc't retirement of Branch23.1-6
New Suncook Valley Yd. Trk.7390 220Merrimack Farmers Exchange23.1-6

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Posted 10/18/19.  Updated 10/29/19.  Copyright retained by Earl Tuson.