Boston & Maine Railroad
Summer 1929 Run Book- Portland Div

I first acquired four pages from a Portland Division Run Book back in 2008.  At the time, I presumed that the remaining bulk of the book was gone.  However, in the summer of 2013, I bid on additional pages of an unspecified Run Book, and discovered that they were much of the missing book!

Finally in Jan 2016, I got around to scanning in the 24 new pages.  Upon closer inspection, it seems that the first 4 pages from 2008 may be from a different run book, or from more than one run book.   Each page of the book has multiple runs listed; the 2013 pages list Runs 43 through 292, with four missing pages (97-102, 128-129, 181-184, and 221-240).  And, two slightly different versions of one page are also included.  The 4 pages I acquired in 2008 include runs 24-30, 55-61 (differing from the 2013 page,) 98-103 (which overlaps a missing 2013 page imprecisely,) and 221-240.  However, all dated references shown on the pages refer to 1929, and the train departure and arrival times correspond to times published in ETT #1, effective 4/28/29.

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1929 Run Book - partial with 28 pages.  24MB pdf.

Posted 1/31/08.  Updated 1/29/16.  Maintained by Earl Tuson.