The Boston & Maine Railroad

Here you will find material of general interest to B&M historians and modelers, with a special emphasis on the B&M's Suncook Loop and NH Division mainline at Hooksett, NH.  While my primary interest is the Suncook Valley Railroad, my research and modeling efforts extend to cover these areas as well.  In time, I will also begin to post information and articles written by my late friend, Tim Gilbert.  Much of the information you find here should be considered a work in process.  If you have additional information or photos or experiences of relevance to the subject matter you find here, please share it, no matter how small.

Research Articles

Service to Suncook
Train 303
The Cotton Track: A Chronology of Industry and the Railroad at the Hooksett Falls
Suncook Loop and Branch Sidings Changes

Prototype Data

Freight Train Symbol Books

Track & Yard Books NEW

Station & Siding Symbol Books

1927-36 Wheel Reports & Freight Conductor Books Updating...
1927-8 MEC & B&M Setout Repairs
1928 Freight Bills, Lamson & Goodnow Mfg, Shelburne Falls, MA
1931 Freight records for Hooksett, NH

1927 Maximum Weight and Clearance Charts
1929 Run Book
1944 Run Book
1948 Run Book
1948 Boston Engine & Train List
1957 NH Division Caboose Assignments
Turnout & Crossover Diagrams

B&M Equipment

Coal Cars, 1900-1930
34' WUF gondolas
Pulpwood Racks
Freight cars lettered for Mystic Transportation Co.

Modeling the B&M in S Scale

Hooksett, NH- A prototype modular display in S scale

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